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Why auctions are the best

Buying and selling property through auctions has numerous benefits

IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES (e.g Land, Building e.t.c)

Why auctions are better

  • Getting a bargain

Did you know the prices at which properties are sold at auction sales are up to 50% less than actual market price?

From our own experience, we have many purchasers from the past who have come back to us with tales of having disposed of our properties at thrice the market price within a year of purchasing the same. This translates to a profit of 200% within one (1) year; a scenario that cannot be replicated by any other form of investment in Kenya.

  • Money back guarantee (secure investment)

Did you know that when you buy property from an auction, that property has already been charged to a licensed Kenyan bank, and the said bank is simply exercising its statutory power of sale? This means the Bank exercises due diligence, before lending against the said property. The long and short of this is that should any problem arise from the ground e.g to do with ownership, size of land e.t.c you the purchaser will legally be able to recover your money with interest from the bank that sold the property. Contrast this with somebody who buys a property by private treaty from an individual who is in possession of a fraudulent title. The seller will simply disappear into thin air and the purchaser will have no recourse of recovery of their funds.

MOVABLE PROPERTIES (e.g Repossessed Motor Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Machinery, Furniture, Household Goods e.t.c)

  • Money back guarantee (secure investment)

Did you know that you can get any of the aforementioned items from an auction for up to 75% less their market price? The few Kenyans who have discovered this secret are smiling all the way to the Bank by simply buying and disposing the said items in the open market.

  • Auctions as a source of employment and/or extra income

Unemployed people have no excuse for not making a living. All a young person needs is a loan of as little as Kshs 10,000.00 from a parent, sibling or well-wishers. With the said amount of money (seed capital) that person can buy a fridge, cooker or gas cylinders e.t.c at a fraction of market price and immediately sell them for twice or thrice the amount spent. Within no time that person will be earning much more money than they would in employment. Employed people can also take advantage of this phenomenon to earn extra money on the side.

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