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Auction list Properties for sale February 2023-3

1   Agricultural property measuring 1.0 acres developed with a farm hand's temporary house situated in Murguiywo area near AIC Murguiywo Church Moi's Bridge Township  - Tras Nzoia County. 1.4M 25.04.2024
2 Commercial Property measuring 0.296 acres developed with a six storey commercial block and apetrol station to the frontagesituated  along Biashara Street in Kiambu Town , Kiambu County. 222.0M  23.04.2024
3 Thirty six units of two bedroom apertments  measuring 94 sq m approx situated in Great wall Gardens phase 1 , along Shangai road off Mombasa road in Athi river  , Machakos County. 5.0M each 23.04.2024
4 Fifty Nine units of two bedroom apertments  measuring 94 sq m approx situated in Great wall Gardens phase 2 , along Shangai road off Mombasa road in Athi river  , Machakos County. 5.0M each 23.04.2024
5 Two units of three bedroom apertments  measuring 104 sq m approx situated in Great wall Gardens phase 1 , along Shangai road off Mombasa road in Athi river  , Machakos County. 6.0M each 23.04.2024
6 Three units of three bedroom apertments  measuring 104 sq m approx situated in Great wall Gardens phase 3 , along Shangai road off Mombasa road in Athi river  , Machakos County. 6.0M each 23.04.2024
7 Commercial / Residential property measuring 5.505 acres (with proposed/ ongoing development of 611 no. studio apartments, 16 no. one bedroom apartments , 2,432 no. two bedroom apartments & 39 no. Shops)  situated on Jodongo road off ring road Ngara , Nairobi County. 2.625B 23.04.2024
8  Residential property measuring 0.1092 acres developed with a five bedroomed (four ensuite) double storey house situated 200 metres off old Mombasa - Malindi road in Utange area -Mombasa County 9.8M 22.04.2024
9 Two Bedroom residential Apartment measuring 760 sq . ft  situated in Sunset Boulevard phase 1, Athi river -Machakos County 3.3M 16.04.2024
10 Commercial / Industrial property measuring 1.019 acres developed with  a bitumen processing plant located off Moi Avenue Naivasha town , Nakuru County. 40.9M 11.04.2024
11 Residential two bedroom apartment  located along Thika Super Highway in Pace Setters Meadows Apartments in Kimbo - Ruiru , Kiambu County. 4.9M 09.04.2024
12 Two (2) vacant residential properties each measuring 0.10 acres  situated in Kidienye area - Rangau  TualaOngata Rongai area -Kajiado County 975K each 09.04.2024
13 One (1) vacant residential property each measuring 0.10 acres  situated in Kidienye area - Rangau  TualaOngata Rongai area -Kajiado County 900K  09.04.2024
14 Thirty two (32) vacant residential properties each measuring 0.10 acres  situated in Kidienye area - Rangau  TualaOngata Rongai area -Kajiado County 825K each 09.04.2024
15 Residential three bedroom Bungalow (master ensuite) measuring 0.1112  acres located  in Nkoroi area of Ongata Rongai , Kajiado County. 4.28M 02.04.2024
16 Residential four bedroom Bungalow (master ensuite) measuring 0.161  acres located in Green Park Estate off Mombasa road in Athi River , Machakos County. 12.8M 02.04.2024
17 Residential property measuring 0.09 acres developed with a semi detached  Four bedroomed maisonette situated in Valley Brook Gardens, Athi river -Machakos County 9.0M 26.03.2024
18 Residential propertymeasuring 0.0776 acres developed with a Four bedroomed maisonette situated in Mona Park Estate, Toll area , Ruiru -Kiambu County 10.9M 19.03.2024
19 Residential property measuring 0.0403 acres developed with a five bedroom (master ensuite) Maisonette situated  in Muimara Estate (Imara Daima area) off Mombasa road -Nairobi County 10.2M 12.03.2024
20 Commercialproperty (rental offices spaces) measuring 0.0395 acres developed with a Five Storey Commercial block with apprx area of 8,396 Sq ft situated  in Makongeni - Thika town -Kiambu County 15.0M 12.03.2024
21 Commercial Factory (Godown) measuring 0.5 acres developed with internal mezzanine levels having offices/ stores on two levels situated  in Githurai Ting'ang'a -Nairobi County 42.0M 12.03.2024
22 Four bedroom (all ensuite) double storey house measuring 0.0899 acres situated 1.35 km off and to the left of Nairobi - Mombasa Highway in Mlolongo-Machakos County 9.4M 12.03.2024
23 Two vacant plots each measuring 0.1147 acres situated in Drumvale area of Katani - Machakos County 1.1M each 12.03.2024
24 An Industrial /Commercial property measuring 2.97 acres developed with godowns  situated in Changamwe area - Mombasa County 130.0M 11.03.2024
25 Commercial property  measuring 0.17 Acres developed with an educational institution (Kindergaden & primary school ) in Amerikwai area - Busia County 1.5M 07.03.2024
26 Residential property measuring 0.5 acres developed with two storey students' hostels (51 units), staff quaters, cafeteria/ Kitchen & Canteen situated along Silanga road in Karen - Nairobi County 72.0M 05.03.2024
27 Six storey Commercial Property measuring 0.121 acres developed with commercial stalls on the gorund floor and the rest of the floor used as a Hotel situated in Eastleigh section three - Nairobi 193.0M 05.03.2024
28 Industrial developed with a three storey office block (plinth area 13,017.6 sq. ft) Property measuring 4.955 acres in situated 300 metres off old Mombasa road in Kyang'ombe area , Embakasi - Nairobi 420.0M 05.03.2024
29 Residential property measuring 0.1265 acres developed with a four bedroom (two ensuite ) Maisonette situated along ring Road In Milimani -Kisumu County 16.0M 01.03.2024
30 Residential property measuring 0.0988 acres developed with  a five storey block of apartments comprising 20 no. one bedroom 5no.2 bedroom and 5no. 3 bedroom apartments situated 150 metres off magadi road (turn off opposite Nairobi Women Hospital) in Ongata Rongai -Kajiado County 36.0M 27.02.2024
31 Residential property measuring 0.18 acres developed with an incomplete bungalow situated in Thogoto area - Kikuyu -Kiambu County 7.5M 27.02.2024
32 3 Bedroom master en-suite Bungalow measuring 0.1111 acres in Savannah Greens Estate Joska -Machakos County 4.9M 20.02.2024
33 Residential property measuring 0.1211 acres developed with a three bedroom bungalow (master ensuite) situated off forest road in Oloosurutia area - Kiserian - Kajiado county 4.2M 20.02.2024
34 Commercial office space measuring 521 sq feet situated within Nexgen Mall (3rd floor) south C Nairobi County 7.9M TBA (Available)
35 Commercial office space measuring 523 sq feet situated within  Nexgen Mall (3rd floor) south C Nairobi County 7.9M TBA (Available)
36 Undeveloped residential property  measuring 0.5 Acres situated near Sugutek primary school in Kapset area - Bomet County 550K TBA (Available)
37 Educational property measuring 12.5 acres developed with a fully fledged Girls' High School (boarding) with swimming pool situated 15km before Nakuru town from Nairobi and on KM of Nairobi - Nakuru Highway - Nakuru County 600M TBA (Available)
38 Undeveloped residential/ agricultural property measuring 0.9439 Acres situated along Kahenia - Ichaweri road within Kimunyu area of Gatundu - Kiambu County 6.0M TBA (Available)
39 Residential property measuring 0.0717 Acres developed with a single storey residential block (with provision for adding more floors vertically) situated in Gatundu town near Gatundu law courts - Kiambu County 3.6M TBA (Available)
40 Residential property measuring 0.172 acres developed with a six storey block of bedsitter units ( 104 units) situated in Kahawa wendani estate , Ruiru - Kiambu County 90.0M TBA (Available)
41 Commercial property measuring 0.222 acres developed with a five storey hotel building ( with conference , restaurant and 73 guest rooms ) and situated along Maralal - Bargoi road in Maralal Town centre (opposite Rubis petrol satation) - Samburu County 120.0M  TBA (Available)
42 Residential propperty measuring 0.0633 acres developed with a four bedroom Maisonette and a triple storey 1 bedroom apartment block (with three units) situated within Maendeleo court in Clay City Estate - Kasarani - Nairobi County 14.1M TBA (Available)
43 14.33 Acres vacant land currently utilized for agricultural purposes in Nyahera Area Kisumu  County  39M TBA (Available)
44 Residential property measuring 0.226 acres developed with a three bedroom bungalow situated along Mukinyi road in Progressive area of Ruiru  - Kiambu County 9.75M TBA (Available)
45 Industrial developed with a three storey office block (plinth area 13,017.6 sq. ft) Property measuring 4.955 acres in situated 300 metres off old Mombasa road in Kyang'ombe area , Embakasi - Nairobi 420.0M TBA (Available)
46 Residential property Measuring 0.5251 Acres developed with a two roomed site house in Juja , Kiahuria area- Kiambu County 4.5M TBA (Available)
47 Vacant property measuring 0.1115 acres situated in lower milimani in Kitengela - Kajiado County 1.2M  TBA (Available)
48 Commercial property measuring 0.3707 acres and developed with four shipping containers developed into shops situated in Nyamasaria area - Kisumu County 14.0M TBA (Available)
49 Industrial Property measuring 2.4035 acres developed with a steel plant, weighbridge and two storey offices and stores situated off Kikuyu - Nderi road within Kikuyu township - Kiambu County 450.0M TBA (Available)
50 Vacant agricultural property measuring 3.1629 acres situated along Emburu road in  Thome area , Gilgil -  Nakuru County 1.7M TBA (Available)
51 Vacant residential property measuring 0.1876 acres situated in Runogone area off Makutano Maua Road , Meru town -Meru County 3.8M TBA (Available)
52 Vacant resudential property measuring 0.1174 acres Situated off Pipeline road in Isinya area - Kajiado county 900K TBA (Available)
53 Vacant residential property measuring 0.3323 acres situated with in gate B of JKUAT - Juja - Kiambu County 15.0M TBA (Available)
54 Two Bedroom double teracced Villa within Mwembe Resort measuring 0.0061 acres situated at the junction of Boribo and Makaburini roads within Mtangani area of Malindi - Kilifi County 11.7M TBA (Available)
55 Vacant residential plot measuring 0.3123 acres situated on Kongoni Road in Nyali - Mombasa county 15.0M  TBA (Available)
56 Commercial property measuring 0.218 acres developed with a double volume godown plinth area 409 sq m, loading unit plinth area 106 sq m and office unit plinth area 97 sq m situated 100 metres off Namanga road in Korompoi Kitengela - Kajiado County 14.0M TBA (Available)
57 Undeveloped residential plot measuring 0.593 acres in Memusi area of lower Matasia , Ngong Kajiado County 7.5M  TBA (Available)
58  Double storey building developed with 20 no. double rooms and 10 no. single rooms on land measuring 0.1063 Acres situated  in Kiganjo estate within Kimuchu area near plasto Academy , Thika - Kiambu County. 10.2M  TBA (Available)
59 Industrial   property measuring 8.64 acres developed with a Maize and animal food milling  plant ,Godowns, Shop and office block situated off Nakuru - Eldoret highway in Industrial area  - Nakuru county 480.M  TBA (Available)
60 Four bedroom (all ensuite) Apartment measuring apprx 1,876 sq  ft situated in Riara Valley Gardens Apartments - Kilimani - Nairobi 15.0M  TBA (Available)
61  Vacant agricultural  land measuring 1.0 Acres  situated  in Lenchani area of Isinya , Kajiado County. 1.3M TBA (Available)
62 Four no. bedroom (3 ensuite) single storey residential Mansion with swimming pool with a detached 8 no. room DSQ for two and a car port on land Measuring 1.25 acres in Muthaiga Estate -Nairobi County 191.2M TBA (Available)
63 Undeveloped (Vacant)  property Measuring 1.28 acres in Upperhill  -Nairobi County 348.0M TBA (Available)
64 Semi detached 3- bedroom  (master ensuite) maisonette  measuring 0.125  Acres located  in Greenpark  Estate - Athi River area, Machakos County. 10.125M TBA (Available)
65 Three storey Seven bedroom  (all ensuite ) Mansion with swimming pool , Gym & Sauna measuring 0.553  acres located  in Mwakingali/Muthaiga Area Estate , Voi town , Taita Taveta County. 120.0M  TBA (Available)
66 Three bedroom residential apartment built on two levels  measuring 2,400 sq ft located  along the junction of Nyerere Avenue and Mji Mpya road in Biashara Building - Mombasa city, Mombasa County. 12.4M TBA (Available)
67 Three bedroom (two ensuite) residential apartment with a DSQ measuring 2,100 sq ft located  at the junction of Bamkele and Heko road in Zulpha Aprtments -Tudor area , Mombasa County. 11.45M TBA (Available)
68 Residential property developed with a three bedroom bungalow and a guest house measuring 0.2478 Acres in Ndimu Area , Lanet -Nakuru County 4.5M TBA (Available)
69 Four bedroom Residential villa  measuring aprox 0.1 acres situated along Limuru road in River Edge Estate, Redhill- Kiambu county 20.0M TBA (Available)
70 A commercial property ( hotel) measuring 0.42 Acre developed with a club house and a double storey guest house located  in Thika -Kiambu  county. 58.5M TBA (Available)
71 Vacant residential property measuring 0.255 acres in Munyu area - Thika - Kiambu county 1.2M (old valuation) TBA (Available)
72 3 bedroom residential apartment measuring 1,490 sq ft in Bamboo Gardens Apartments  along Elgon road - upperhill - Nairobi county 14.3M  TBA (Available)
73 Vacant residential property measuring 0.247 acres situated in Tulwek Estate which is 1.4Km off Eldoret - Nakuru Highway (branching at Toyota Kenya -Eldoret) - Eldoret Municipality -Uasin Gishu County 2.4M TBA (Available)
74 Residential property measuring 0.22 acres developed with four blocks of rental units situated in Maili Nne - Eldoret town -Uasin Gishu County 5.25M TBA (Available)
75 Residential property measuring 0.35 acres developed with a 2bedroom (master ensuite) unit and a blocks of rental units situated in 200 metres of Kisumu - Kericho highway in Orongo area -Kisumu County 4.35M TBA (Available)
76 vacant property measuring 94.0 acres situated in Esonurua area of Ilkusumet of Kajiado County 3.4M TBA (Available)
77 Seven storey Resdential  block (rental units) measuring 0.20748 acres developed with two shops on ground floor and 12 no. two bedroom units situated riverside estate in Baba Dogo  - Nairobi County 15.0M  TBA (Available)
78 Undeveloped land measuring 1.0 Acres   Situated Kyumbi area near St. Stevens Boys School -Machakos County 8.25M TBA (Available)
79 Four undeveloped Residential  properties measuring 0.1087  acres  each situated wthin hawa area in Kisaju area - Kajiado County 525K each TBA (Available)
80 Residential property partly developed with a three incomplete houses measuring 5.421 Acres along Diani Beach Road - Diani town  - Kwale County 60.0M TBA (Available)
81 Residential 3- bedroom (all ensuite) Town house with build up area measuring  apprx 1,666.64 sq ft situated in Graceland Estate, Athi River - Machakos County 9.55M TBA (Available)
82 Residential 3-bBedroom Apartment (master ensuite) within Seefar Apartments in Nyayo Highrise Estate, off Mbagathi Way -Nairobi 6.15M TBA (Available)
83 Residential property measuring 0.12 acres developed with a double storey block of flats (six units @ 2 bedroom) in Fedha phase II Estate, Embakasi  - Nairobi county 18.0M  TBA (Available)
84 Undeveloped residential plot measuring 1.26 acres in Memusi area of lower Matasia , Ngong Kajiado County 15.0M  TBA (Available)
85 Four storey Residential block of Flats measuring 0.06175 acres  developed with 2 no. frontage shops on the ground floor, 30 no. 1 bedroom unit and 2 no. 2bedroom units situated in Kariobangi South Estate - Nairobi County 21.0M  TBA (Available)
86 Vacant Residential/ agricultural Property measuring 0.9143 acres  situated in Kitengela area ( 4.4 km from Thorn Groove School) - Kajiado County 5.7M TBA (Available)
87 Residential / agricultura property measuring 1.0 acre and developed with a 3bedroom (master ensuite) bungalow situated in Namalo area, Funyula sub- county of Busia County 3.75M TBA (Available)
88 Vacant Agricultural / residential property measuring 4.848 acres in Lukenya Area  - Machakos county 3.9M  TBA (Available)
89 Vacant residential plot measuring 0.446 acres  located  off Pipeline road neear Sathya Sai Primary School - Kisaju area - Kajiado County county 900K  TBA (Available)
90 Double storeyed Six bedroom Residential property in Maki East Estate - Thika Kiambu County 33.750M TBA (Available)
91 2 bedroom (master ensuite) residential apartment measuring 1,192 sq ft in Garden city Apartments  along Thika road - Garden City - Nairobi county 15.5M  TBA (Available)
92 Vacant residential plot measuring 0.104 acres  located in sunrise  area, Ruiru - Kiambu county 4.5M  TBA (Available)
93 Residential property measuring 0.2471 acres developed with a semi-permanent house in Ng'uriunditu area, Muguga - Kiambu county 4.05M  TBA (Available)
94 Residential property measuring 0.12 acres developed with a single storey house in Kiamumbi area - Kiambu county 6.75M  TBA (Available)
95 Commercial/residential property  measuring 0.111 acres developed with three shops in front and rental ynits at the back situated within Ngata area , Nakuru County. 3.75M TBA (Available)
96 Agricultural /Residential property developed with a bungalow and a four bedroom maisonette measuring 4.398 Acres in Thitani Area Mwingi -Kitui County 4.5M TBA (Available)
97 Two vacant residential plots each measuring 0.1 acres  Ostrich view park Estate , Enkasiti area - Olooloitikoshi  - Kajiado County 1.125M each TBA (Available)
98 An office suite Measuring 1,561 sq.ft within TRV Office Plaza  along Muthithi road in Westlands - Nairobi County 12.45 M TBA (Available)
99 Vacant residential property measuring 1.4794 acres situated behind Annas Mall Makongeni, Thika - Kiambu county 5.3M TBA (Available)
100 Residential maisonette measuring 0.1567 acres situated in Kidfarmaco  along Manyatta Avenue - Kikuyu- Kiambu county 13.5M TBA (Available)
101 Double storey 4 bedroom (all ensuite) residential house measuring 0.215 acres with swimming pool in Utange - Bamburi - Mombasa county 18.5M TBA (Available)
102 Undeveloped Residential Property measuring 0.104 acres located within Teachers Etate, Thingithu area of Nanyuki town  - Laikipia county 2.5M TBA (Available)
103 Undeveloped Residential Property measuring 0.207 acres in Ilmashariani area - Morijo  - Narok county 3.9M TBA (Available)
104 Undeveloped Agricultural / Residential property Measuring 2.1445 Acres  in Corongi village , Gatitu area  - Nyeri County 7.5M  TBA (Available)
105 Residential Property measuring 1.013 acres developed with a farmhand house located in Gitunduti area - near Karatina University Main Campus, Karatina - Nyeri county 4.5M TBA (Available)
106 Residential / commercial property measuring 0.064 acres developed with a three storey block of 5 no.flats with two shops on the ground floor  ( 3 units @ 2 bedroom & 2 units @ 3 bedroom) in Maweni area of Malindi Town  - Kilifi county 11.5M  TBA (Available)
107 Undeveloped parcel of land measuring 0.2471 acres located in Rangau Area, Tuala - Kajiado County. 1.5M TBA (Available)
108 An agricultural parcel measuring 117.17 acres located in Ngatataek Area, Kajiado County. 79.0M TBA (Available)
109 Double storey Three - bedroom (master ensuite) residential property measuring 0.6459 acres situated near Mvita Oil Limited in Kikambala - Kilifi County 7.9M TBA (Available)
110 Vacant Agricultural property measuring 121.0 acres situated in Enkusero Sampu area on the slopes of Mt. Oloroka (2.7 kms west of Enkusero Sampu Primary School) - Kajiado County 27.75M TBA (Available)
111 Undeveloped (vacant) residential property measuring 0.3039 acres  located in Mowlem area, Kisumu County.  3.0M TBA (Available)
112 Vacant residential property measuring 0.495 acres situated in Naromoru area near Kiserian dam, Kiserian - Kajiado County 2.625M TBA (Available)
113 Residential property measuring 0.1023 acres developed with a three bedroom main house and a two bedroom guest house situated in Ambassador's court, New Valley Estate, Kitengela - Kajiado County 5.1M TBA (Available)
114 Commercial / Residential Property measuring 0.2824 acres  developed wit hostels situated at the junction of chemilil and Munac road in Ngara- Nairobi 75.0M TBA (Available)
115 Residential property measuring 0.0741 acres developed with a four bedroom  one storey town house situated in Oloontoto area ,Korompoi - Kajiado County 4.9M TBA (Available)
116 Residendial three bedroom double storey house (mater ensuite) measuring 0.125  Acres located Green Park Estate off Mombasa road in Athi River , Machakos County. 12.0M TBA (Available)
117 Four Undeveloped Residential Properties each Measuring 0.0988 Acres situated in  Oloika area - Accacia - Kitengela - Kajiado County 900,000.00 each TBA (Available)
118 Residential property measuring 1.495 acres situated in kandisi area , Ongata Rongai- Kajiado County 16.875M TBA (Available)
119 Undeveloped Agricultural / Residential property Measuring 6.252 Acres  in Kisaju area  - Kajiado County 14.1M TBA (Available)
120 Undeveloped Agricultural / Residential property Measuring 3.0 Acres  in Olooitikoshi area  - Kitengela - Kajiado County 6.4M TBA (Available)
121 Two undeveloped Agricultural/ Residential properties Measuring 1.0008 Acres each in prison area , Milimani Estate - Kitengela - Kajiado County 4.875M each TBA (Available)
122 Residential  property measuring 0.50 acres developed with a 5 no. bedroom (all ensuite) double storeyed residential villa in Flame tree drive off Ruaka road - Runda Estate - Nairobi county 71.5M  TBA (Available)
123 A 4 bedroom (all ensuite) Town House with a DSQ and parking for 2 cars measuring 0.0988 acres  located in Kijani Willows Estate - Kileleshwa - Nairobi County.  52.5M  TBA (Available)
124 Undeveloped (Vacant)  property Measuring 7.7 acres off Eastern bypass in Ruai area  -Nairobi County 85.5M TBA (Available)
125 Commercial property measuring 0.3459 acres developed with a hotel (with conference facillities , Bar , Restaurant , Butchery & accomodation for 40 guests ) situated along Mumius - Bungoma road in  Kanduyi area of Bungoma town - Bungoma county 22.5M TBA (Available)
126 5 vacant residential plots each measuring 0.0766 acres situated within Sifa Farm area Kitengela, Kajiado County. 600K each TBA (Available)
127 Undeveloped residential plot measuring 0.074 acres situated within Joska area off Kagundo road , Machakos County. 600K  TBA (Available)
128 A residential Property (Block of Rental units) measuring 0.35 acres situated in Mulunyu (Ebwabwa) area , Kakamega County. 5.3M TBA (Available)
129 A 4 bdr Maisonette measuring 2,584 sq ft  within Elite Place along Muguga Grove off Waiyaki way , Nairobi County. 34M TBA (Available)
130 A residential plot measuring 0.25 acres developed with a typical 3-bedroom bungalow (master ensuite) Muwa Estate, Lanet area, Nakuru County. 5.25M  TBA (Available)
131 Vacant residential/Agricultural plot measuring 0.2224 Acres in Mumbuni area, Machakos County. 2.4M TBA (Available)
132  4 bdr all ensuite residential property  measuring 0.073 acres within Palm Garden Estate , Eastern bypass, Ruiru,  Kiambu County. 13.2M TBA (Available)
133 4 Vacant residential plots each measuring 0.11 acres situated within Acacia area, Kitengela, Kajiado County 900K each TBA (Available)
134 3 bdr master en-suite residential unit in Lake View Estate Phase V – Bamburi Mombasa County 6M TBA (Available)
135 Agricultural property measuring 8.525 acres situated within Olokurto area, Narok County 2.625M TBA (Available)
136 Vacant 20 number Agricultural/ residential/ commercial  properties each Measuring 5.0 acres situated aprx 1.3 Km off Mombasa road in Maanzoni area  - Machakos county 20.M each TBA (Available)
137 A vacant residential plot measuring 3.025 acres located within the neighborhood of Mtwapa Garden and Brilliant Garments EPZ Kenya in Kilifi County. 27M TBA (Available)
138 A 0.112 acre commercial plot developed with temporary structures situated in Jua Kali area (behind Asis Hotel) of Eldoret Town, Uasin Gishu County 16.5M TBA (Available)
139 An undeveloped agricultural/residential property measuring 1.895 acres located in Kombani area off the Likoni-Ukunda road within Kwale County. 4.5M TBA (Available)
140 2 vacant residential plots each measuring 0.2471 acres located at Galu- Kinondo area off Ukunda-Ramisi rd within Kwale County. 2.25M each TBA (Available)
141 Agricultural plot measuring 1.406 Acres located 5km off Thika Super high way in Mirimaini area, Juja in Kiambu County. 10.275M  TBA (Available)
142 Residendial Four Bedroom (all ensuite) Bungalow measuring plinth area 175 sq.m  located in Green Park Estate off Mombasa road in Athi River , Machakos County. 17.5M  TBA (Available)
143 Residendial Three Bedroom (Master ensuite) Bungalow measuring 0.05979 acres  located in Vescon I Estate, Bamburi  - Mombasa County. 6.5M  TBA (Available)
144 Four Bedroom Residential property Measuring 0.568 acres along Kapenguria road in Kibomet area , kitale town - Trans Nzoia county 25.6M  TBA (Available)
145  Undeveloped  land measuring 0.0845 Acres  situated  in Ngoigwa area , Thika - Kiambu County. 2.625M TBA (Available)
146 Residential  property measuring 0.09143 acres developed with a 3 bedroom (master ensuite) bungalow situated near Bambino Academy in Mtwapa area  - Mombasa county 5.25M  TBA (Available)
147 Residential  property measuring 0.247 acres developed with a double storeyed residential flats ( 20 no units) in Kisorai Estate - Kapsabet town Estate - Nandi county 12.0M  TBA (Available)
148 3 bedroom (master ensuite) residential bungalow measuring 0.099acres in Kamura Area off Oloika road - Kajiado county 4.3M  TBA (Available)

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